Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yes, it's been a while since I've checked in... with a busy work schedule on top of back-to-school time for the girls, something had to give.  And it was the blogging that gave.  But for a quick update:

Progress is being made in three areas, but the level of progress varies.

  • Not-so-great progress: The fundraising for Echelon Gran Fondo.  Yes, I set a tough fundraising goal of $2,500.  On top of the very generous $1,000 that people raised for the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon back in June.  So it isn't too surprising that we sit at $500 today, 8 days out from the ride.  But I was hoping to get more out of a very generous in-kind donation from one of my mentors, TV Srinivasan.  Alas, executing coaching is considered by many to be a luxury item, and in the current uncertain economic climate, we didn't realize the full fundraising potential of that generosity.  Nevertheless, we still raised $500 to fight cancer via the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, which is still a great accomplishment!  And you can still donate for another month after the ride, so please do keep those donations coming!
  • Good progress: Training for the Gran Fondo has gone well.  It took some creative scheduling of rides and liberal use of the home exercise bike on weekday mornings before work, but according to TrainingPeaks, my fitness level (the blue line) is solid while my freshness level (the orange line) is peaking:
  • Great progress: The weight is coming down.  After tweaking my diet a bit (higher protein to prevent random hunger, eliminating soda, minimizing processed foods) and religiously tracking my consumption and exercise on TrainingPeaks, I seem to be making steady progress.  Over the last 7 weeks, I've managed to drop 7.8 pounds and now sit at 190.4.  That means there's a reasonable chance of having to pull less than 190 pounds uphill next weekend.  Oh, did I mention that 190 is the lowest I've weight since May 1999?  That's progress! :)

Thanks for checking in everyone... hopefully I'll get one more post out before the big event.  Until then, onward!

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