Saturday, April 10, 2010

LiveSTRONG Seattle Marathon training week 19 - consistency

This week turned out to be a decent week of training.  At the beginning of the week, my goal was to get in two runs and two rides - and that's precisely what I accomplished, even if the rides were on the short side (33 and 40 min).  Training consistently is helping me to get back my speed, which I lost in the training lull after my hip dysplasia diagnosis.  My two runs clocked in at an 8:40 and an 8:47 pace, respectively... it's great to get down into the 8:40s again after a long time of wandering around the 9:00-9:20 range for short runs.

Totals for this week were on the low side, but once again, consistency is the key:

  • Running: 7.12 miles in 1:02:09
  • Cycling: 22.29 miles in 1:13:08
  • Weight: 195.6 pounds, up 2.2

Ok, so the consistency hasn't be reflected in what the scale is telling me.  And some of that was due to a lack of consistency: my goal of eating one giant salad per day was only accomplished on 4 or 5 days this week.  But on the up side, there are some body changes going on, as I've lost a half inch off the waist.  And no less than 4 people told me this week that it looks like I've lost weight. :)  That's a great feeling.

Speaking of great feelings, a bit thank you to all of you who have donated to my Team LiveSTRONG participation in the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon!  We're three-quarters of the way there, as donations have reached $750.  Just a few more donors and we should be able to crack that $1,000 goal!  So if you haven't donated, drop by my fundraising page and donate - whether it's $1 or $1,000, it's all going to a great cause!

Until next time... onward!

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