Saturday, March 13, 2010

LiveSTRONG Seattle Marathon training weeks 15 - surviving a busy week

This week didn't go quite according to the training plan, but I'm pretty happy with the results.  It was a crazy-busy week at work, preparing for a Wednesday afternoon seminar, then playing catch up on normal work activities the rest of the week.  But I did manage to get in three solid workouts:

  • Sunday = rest day
  • Monday = 9.18 miles on the trainer in 30:02 with some solid, hard intervals
  • Tuesday = rest day
  • Wednesday = 3.13 mile run in 28:02
  • Thursday = rest day
  • Friday = extra rest day (fighting off fatigue, I actually listened to my body and shut 'er down for a day)
  • Saturday = 22.53 miles on the trainer in 1:11:38
That checks in at 3.13 miles running in 28:02 and 31.71 miles riding in 1:41:40.  But with a change in diet - eating a lot more veggies (carrots and greens, in particular), I managed to lose a whole 2 pounds down to 193.8.  So I'll be satisfied with that. :)

Also, it was a good week for fundraising - thank you to those of you who've donated to my Team LiveSTRONG page in preparation for the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon!  We're at $600, which is 60% of the way to the $1000 goal.  Now if we can just get the final push over the top, we can focus on blowing away that goal!

Since it has been such a busy week, I'm going to cut this short and spend a little quality time with Christine and the girls.  So until next week, onward...

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