Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LiveSTRONG Seattle Marathon training week 12 - a quick update

Yep, I'm a couple of days late - a little thing called the high school spring musical took over the weekend, leaving little time for running, cycling and blogging.  So I chose to drop the blogging part.  But last week did go pretty well, despite one unplanned rest day.  What it boiled down to was:

  • Sunday: 17.86 miles on the home trainer in 1:00:06 (including some aggressive 2:00 on / 1:30 off intervals)
  • Monday: 4.77 miles running in 44:05
  • Tuesday: planned rest day
  • Wednesday: life intervened, giving me another rest day :)
  • Thursday: 15.15 miles on the trainer in 50:02 (including some more reasonable 2:00 on / 2:00 off intervals, but at a higher pace)
  • Friday: rest day (including a very nice acupuncture session!)
  • Saturday: 6.26 miles running in 56:02
Totals: 33.01 miles cycling in 1:50:08 and 11.03 miles running in 1:40:07.  And the weight showed some progress too, coming in at 196.0 pounds on my Saturday weigh-in.  Slowly getting back on track... and for those of you that actually have found my Nike+ account, yes, I know it says I ran 6.16 miles on Saturday.  But the fact is - I've suspected for a while it's been a little off, so I compared it against FavoriteRun.com and MapMyRide.com, which gave me 6.22 and 6.26 miles, respectively.  So for now, on "long" runs, I'm going to get my final totals from MMR.

And yes, 6.26 miles on Saturday was a long run.  I haven't gotten my Seattle RnR marathon training plan all sorted out yet, but I'll be increasing 2-3 miles every 2-3 weeks and should be in the 20-22 mile ballpark 2-3 weeks out from the marathon.  At least now I do have the little peaks showing up as long runs - those peaks that had disappeared after my hip dysplasia diagnosis:
Now it's just a matter of getting them up to at least 18 miles, preferably 22.  Onward!

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