Sunday, January 10, 2010

LiveSTRONG Seattle Marathon training week 7 - so far, so good

Hi everyone-

Just a brief update here... it's been a long week with one of the girls coming down with the stomach flu, passing it along to me, and now Christine looks like she's coming down with a cold.  So the cold & flu season that has hit our household early and often is back, although the stomach flu was definitely something new.

Anyhow, before things went downhill, I got in a pretty good start to an exercise week.  First, I ran the Oregon Road Runner's Club Y2KX last Sunday.  I did the 10k instead of the 20.10k as previously planned due to the tightness in the hip, and managed a respectable 55:06.  However, unlike last year, I didn't get an age group podium - a measly 5th this time around.  I probably would have done better had I not gone out in a ~8:30 pace the first three miles, then bonked into a 9:30 pace the last three.

After a rest day on Monday (in which I had my second-ever acupuncture session), I rode the home trainer on Tuesday: 21.84 miles in 1:15:06.  Then a nice run on Wednesday was cut short by right quad pain (which the doctor said would probably go away with more diligent and regular stretching), but I still got in 4.80 miles in 45:14.  Then a rest day... which saw the stomach flu set in.  So I was pretty much done for the week.  Weekly totals were:

  • Running: 11.01 miles in 1:40:20.
  • Riding: 21.84 miles in 1:15:06.
On the bright side, I have no survived my first week of eating gluten-free.  And so far, it hasn't been too bad.  I made up some Oregon Bread, which is basically a hazelnut / sesame seed / poppy seed bread.  (The original recipe also has flax seeds, but I haven't found a gluten-free source yet.)  The gluten-free diet seems to be helping make me feel less hunger and less discomfort, but part of that could also be week #2 of the "protein for breakfast" kick (who can complain about eggs & bacon every morning???).  Either way, I've had some luck: on my Saturday morning weigh-in, I was 196.6, which is down 4 pounds.  Yay!

That's all for this week.  Hopefully after another rest day tomorrow, I'll be back on track with some riding on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Onward...

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