Thursday, April 30, 2009

Training Update 4/30/09

Well, it's now just 3 days until marathon #2 for me. Ready as I'll ever be. :) I had a little run-in with some stomach issues over the weekend, so training didn't go quite as planned. I ended up taking Sunday and Monday off, then got in an easy 5k Tuesday night (~8:45 pace) and an easy 3.3 miles Wednesday night (~9:00 pace). I feel a little drained of energy since I had to fly to Arizona and back on Wednesday, but I suspect a trifecta of rest days should fix me right up. It'd be nice to get in one more easy run before the marathon, but I don't want to run the two days before the race - and I'm not going to push it tonight, so I guess two days this week will be it.

The race on Sunday starts around 7am. With any luck, I'll be finishing around 11:15... wish me luck, everyone!

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