Friday, April 17, 2009

Training update 4/17/09

Just a quick training update... some of you know that I'm training for the Eugene marathon, which is on May 3rd. Right now I'm in the final part of my training, so whatever major strengthening or damage has already been done. Now it's a matter of keeping my base, working on my pace, and staying injury-free for another 16 days.

That being said, this was a good week: 5 miles last Saturday followed up by 4 miles on Easter, all at a decent ~8:35 pace. My base miles are getting faster, which I think is a good sign - as long as I don't overdo it.

Then a rest day on Monday, followed by a business trip to Wisconsin on Tuesday. Despite getting up at a very unreasonable 3:15 PDT, I managed to get to my hotel around 6:30 CDT and get in a run before it got too dark and the bugs got too thick. Another 4+ miles at a reasonable 8:43 (which up until a couple of weeks ago, was a typical "fast" training pace for 3-5 milers). And on Wednesday, I got in another late afternoon 5k at an 8:46 pace... but was definitely starting to feel sluggish, both from traveling as well as the hills around the hotel.

Thursday was a rest day, and it turns out today was a rest day as well - we drove to the coast to spend a weekend with the in-laws. So the plan is to get in a run tomorrow, rest Sunday and on Monday morning get in my last "long" run (shooting for 12-14 making sure I don't run any faster than planned race pace) before the marathon. Oh, and work a full day on Monday, too. :)

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